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Takeaway Pizza

Our homemade pizza is made from our Vapiano pizza dough which we freshly produce with passion each and every day. The freshness and quality of your pizza is guaranteed. So crispy, fresh and delicious!


… each morning, our Vapianisti weigh out flour and semolina, measure water and vegetable oil and mix these with sugar, salt and yeast. Of course, we only use the best ingredients! Then, the large dough kneader gets to work to make the original Vapiano pizza dough.

After a pizza is ordered…

… a dough ball, which was previously rolled by hand, gets a proper spin. That’s what we call the way our Vapianisti ensure that these small dough ball ends up being a perfectly shaped pizza. If they spin the flattened dough in the air, that just means that they want to make it even thinner (and perhaps because they are just showing off).